You can find any number of recipes for risotto allo zafferano, saffron risotto: Pellegrino Artusi, the 19th-century author of, arguably, the most important Italian cookbook, gives three versions of this classic dish from Milan and a quick Google search will provide you with a recipe in seconds. There is even an “official” recipe, registered with the Milan municipality.

If you fancy preparing a glorious risotto allo zafferano, choose a recipe you like but follow our tips on how best to use your Zappoh! saffron.

First of all, crush the saffron threads: in a pestle and mortar, if you happen to have one, or wrapped in a small square of baking paper, using a glass or glass jar.

Transfer the saffron powder to a small coffee cup and pour hot (not boiling) water/stock over it; cover with a saucer or clingfilm and steep it for as long as you can, from 45 minutes minimum to up to 48 hours.

Add the saffron liquid to your risotto at the very end, when it is done, just before the mantecatura (when you add butter and parmesan and stir like crazy in order to get that lovely creamy texture). If you add the saffron too early, when the rice is still cooking, the temperature will kill the aromatics responsible for saffron’s musky, subtle and intoxicating aroma.

Let the risotto rest for five minutes covered and tuck in – buon appetito!